So for the second year in a row I was hired by to be their spokesperson for their “Fast talk your way to Vegas” contest where they choose the fastest talking Canadian.I did a whirlwind, two-day media tour in Vancouver and Calgary. I had an hour break before one of the shows…so Lisa, one of Edelman’s PR people says…”Hey Fran do you want to go to lunch?” I say…”Actually I want to walk across the 450 foot suspension bridge that I read about.” She says, “Ah that’s not in the job description and I’m scared of heights.” But I convince her to do it…She is screaming…”Oh no…Oh my gosh…” All the way. Then one bratty kids run across the bridge and shakes it…She yells, “iF you want to see a grown woman cry…. then keep doing that.” I was laughing all the way…the bridge is 230 feet up, over a waterfall…it swings just like bridges to in the movies…there is also a whole rainforest to go through with treetops bridges as well. .Later while at Urban Rush studios there is this guy Mike from…he has a snake, a chinchilla and an albino hedgehog with him. I convince Lisa to hold the animals. She put her foot down with the tarantula…maybe next time.After the media tour in Vancouver I hop on a plane and head to Calgary where I meet up with my second PR buddy, Noor. We were moving from 4 AM till 3 PM when we had to catch a flight. On the wayTo the airport I asked the driver if we could stop at the Calgary tower.Noor said she wasn’t afraid of heights so I thought good no problem. The tower is a 626 foot free standing observation tower in downtown Calgary, and unlike the Empire State building there was no line to get in! I actually thought it was closed. The tower had a glass floor. Noor crawled on it, but later let me take pictures of us with the city below.A month later after the lucky 7 finalists were chosen, we were all flown out to Vegas, compliments of, Planet Hollywood, West Jet, and the Las Vegas Convention and Authority. There was a talk off, in which I emceed and an Elvis impersonator opened up for me.  This girl Misha from Calgary won and all expense paid VIP trip with her husband.Meanwhile I was put up in this gorgeous 1550-foot suite at Planet Hollywood, with the Bugsy theme. Looking around the room I realized I had never shot a machine gun…so I went to the local Gun store (actually named the Gun store) and shot 50 rounds of a Colt 16 submachine gun. IT was a dollar a bullet. I was given Osama Bin Laden as a target. I was shooting away.Then I rode the Big shot, the tallest ride in the US, the Big Shot thrill ride catapults 16 riders from the 921-foot high platform up the Tower’s mast to a height of 1081 feet and down,  the ride originally was so tall they had to lower it because it got in the way of the flight path of the planes! (I do have all this on my flip camera if I ever learn how to edit it and show you.)Ended my one night off by seeing a friend of mine perform.His name is Gerry McCambridge aka the mentalist. You know the type that can bend spoons, read minds…freak people out. He is  performing at hooters. He has 2 shows every night at 7 and 11.Great Show…if you tell him Fran Capo sent ya…you can get seated in the VIP sections, and if you get added to his mailing list you can get free coupon tickets to the show.Till next time..this is Fran Capo…traveling mom. I can be heard on AM 970 radio every Sunday on the Comedy Cures show.Tourist Information:Capilano Suspension Bridge – Vancouver(604) 985-7474www.capbridge.comCalgory Tower:www.calgarytower.com101 9 Avenue SWCalgary, AB T2P 1J9, Canada(403) 266-7171Gun Store: East Tropicana, Las Vegas, NV 89121(702) 454-1110Stratosphere: Rides: Big ShotFor ticket sales & information please call the Ticketing Box Office at (702) 380-7711.Gerry McCambridge; The Mentalist Show – Hooters in VegasLocation:Night Owl ShowroomHooters115 E. Tropicana Ave.Las Vegas, NV 89109Show Times: 7 p.m. & 11 PM Saturday – Thursday.PS.   If you became a mom at age 35+, whether for the first time or again, check out my friend Robin Gorman Newman’s website:, where she blogs, shares later parenting news, connects moms, etc.