Quick update…Saturday after Thanksgiving hectic….had to drop of my eight year old niece, Athena to Queens after her stay with me upstate. The kid is adorable but precocious, she knew I was going to hang out with my friend, Fitness Celebrity John Basedow, she says…”Can I come?” I say, no we are going to do a 100 block walk…she says,’ He’s just so handsome. I wish he were my age.” I cracked up. I think at 8, I was still wearing high waters, and reading Nancy Drew, not having crushes on older men…Anyway, after I dropped her in Queens, I rushed into Manhattan to meet my dear friend, tea expert, EllenEaston and her mom, Reva who were treating me to see the 2008 Tony and Pulitzer prize winning broadway play, August Osage county. She told me it started at 2 PM sharp…. I was running a tad late (a habit I’m working on). I parked my car on 37th and 8th….had to meet them at 45th and 8th…I’m running and I see this blind lady who says…”Can someone help me find the port authority. I debate…I have to stop, no one else is. I grab her by the arm and say…Trust me…I’ll get you to the door. I walk across the street with her and she hears me say to a car, “Hey stop right there.” SHe says, “Should I be running?” I say, “No we don’t run for no one…She laughs. I’m thinking…hey I better pay attention, I’m trying to help this woman, not kill her. Anyway, I made it to the play at 1:59.The play had great acting…long play 3 1/2 hours…about a dysfunctional family. I’m watching this and thinking…hell next time I write a story, I’m not going to use my imagination, I’m just going to take notes at my next family outing….Anyway, then I met with John afterwards…we walked from 47th to prince street, our plan was to play ping pong in china town…instead we stopped at Armani Exchange and got some bargains…okay, now I’m packing and getting ready to head to vegas to judge a “Fast talk your way to Vegas contest” for expedia.ca. Rita Rudner is one of the judges as well. I will be twittering my adventures….speak to you all soon.