Nutcracker5I bought five tickets for a Nutcracker performance 50 miles away, confident I could swoop up blended family granddaughters three days later.

Why wouldn’t a Christmas ballet be on the top of their list, as it was on mine? Lost an eight-year-old to the downtown parade.  Gained a three-year-old who acted so excited one might think she knew what it meant.

Lost two grown-up granddaughters to the lovely Callaway Gardens, a Georgia paradise of gardens, greenhouses, woodsy paths and fine accommodations.

Gained a granddaughter-in-law, the mother of the three year old.


Nutcracker ballerina charmed Blended Traveling Mom’s guests after the matinee.

Gained a first grader who barely knows me but dressed in holiday red with striped tights, and was sorely disappointed when her $1.00 raffle ticket did not win her a nutcracker.

Her grandmother Jerry is my friend of 30 years; she was my firstborn son’s kindergarten teacher. 

Isn’t it grand she and I shared next generations together for a ballet that’s 119 years old? We sat side by side, this valued friend and I.


Blended Mom’s friend of 30+ years Jerry Walker with her granddaughter Claire, Jessica Tibbetts and her daughter Ella.

Wondered what other relationship treasures might have arisen had I bought ten tickets?  Good to believe when I gamble.

Nutcracker4I’ve been by the Mariinsky Theater in St. Petersburg, Russia, but not inside. That’s where Tchaikovsky’s composition for E.T.A. Hoffman’s tale was first heard.  

Two nights and days visiting this city from a Norwegian Cruise Line Baltic cruise was glorious, but not enough. Maybe I’ll return.

Four nutcrackers live at my house; husband G. W. and I, with two young sons, were lucky enough to explore Germany twice, visiting Army officer son John and his family. Never bought a cuckoo clock, but did select nutcrackers.

We’re blended, remember? Lots of ages interacting all the time.

Playing I Spy with a three-year-old after an afternoon at the ballet is good for energy levels, especially when all my clues had to do with those four nutcrackers.  Ella found each one.

Top Photo: G. W. Tibbetts with beekeeper and Santa nutcrackers at home with Blended Traveling Mom.

Last Photo: Nutcrackers have loads of personalities, including fishing.