1763Last year, I bought a bicycle from a neighbor, who decided hers was too big for her.  I imagined myself biking all summer!  Around the Central Park loop, down the new bike path along the Hudson River all the way to Battery Park City.  I knew that finally, as a former bike-trip taker, I had found an exercise I would love.I rode it twice.  But this week, I got on again. On Tuesday, when Spring was in the air for the first time this year, I rode my bike along Riverside Drive to 125th street and back.  On Wednesday, when the temperature started matching the date, I rode down to 34th street and back.

New York City is a fast-paced town.  We walk fast, we talk fast, we even order our sandwiches fast at the deli.  But riding a bike in NY?  It’s slow.  It’s different.  It made me see my city (or at least my side of it) in a whole new way. I saw the buds forming on the trees.  I smelled the fish in the Hudson (I even heard some guy who was fishing tell his friend he’d just caught a striped bass!)  I felt the cars on the West Side Highway whizzing past me, and felt happy I wasn’t in one.  

So here’s my travel tip for the weekend: Spring is here.  Don’t let your kids have all the fun. Ride your own bike. Self-powering can be empowering!

For information on biking in New York City SAFELY:- Download a free bike map here.- Join the New York Cycle Club– Go on an organized Day Ride with the Five Borough Bicycle Club