My insecurity about being available now that I work from home helped me advertise to everyone how imperfect I really am.

The first ad went up like this:  I had 2 places to be at close to the same time and the destinations were across town from each other.  I called a friend for shortcut directions and before hanging up, offered to bring the woman’s son and mother home from the class in addition to the 2 boys I was already taxiing.  I got everyone where they needed to be on time.  WHEW!  At the class, I stood behind the grandmother I was to take home and watched as the boys finished up their class.  When the class ended, I went outside to find my two original passengers.  We raced to the car, giggling about our quick exit and headed to the pizza place leaving Boy #3 and his grandmother stranded on the outskirts of town.  I didn’t even give them a thought until we were halfway through our pizza.  All of the color must have drained from my face because my son’s friend worriedly asked me if I was alright.  When I told him what I had done, his reply was, “You left a grandma?!!”  He was as horrified as I was.  I had no cell numbers for the parents and no way of calling the class.  I managed to reach my husband who was with Boy #3s mom on a scouting adventure and found out her husband had already gone to pick up her son and grandmother.  I gave her no time to be angry with me because I was a basket case and she had to spend all her time consoling ME!  Wow!  Had I ever learned a good lesson.  For exactly 5 days.

On day 6, I managed to pile 8 kids into my Suburban (no, it does not seat 8) and deliver them to soccer.  I must have lost count in my attempt to please everyone because I found a stray backpack in the back, belonging to a 6 year old I had left on the playground.  This time I was apologetic, to be sure, but not a basket case because I am now good at this.


I finally got the message and started telling everyone (including myself) that I am working and not available.  I also closed the taxi service I had been running.  I haven’t left anyone since then and the parents I had to confess to are speaking to me.  I got lucky.