Knowing I’d be exhausted after two days of conference sessions and three nights of, um, networking events parties at BlogHer09, I decided to take a pass on the Travel Blog Exchange Conference (TBEX). TBEX was taking place the day after BlogHer, and it wasn’t until I sat in my room Sunday morning reading tweets from the event that I realized what a great opportunity I was missing.

“Is it too late to join in?” I asked my Twitter friends. Happily, they encouraged me to head over and take part.

I walked a few sunny blocks to the Chicago Cultural Center to join TBEX, which was refreshingly small compared to the 1400 or so folks at the BlogHer conference. My only regret is that I didn’t attend the entire event.

The organizers, Kim Mance of Galavanting and Debbie Dubrow of, put together a wonderful selection of panels featuring well-know travel bloggers like Conde Nast Traveler’s Wendy Perrin. While I was there, I got to hang out with Susan Getgood of  Snapshot Chronicles Roadtrip (who is gearing up for an amazing adventure right now)  and Shanon AKA “Cajun Mama” from Traveling Mamas. Like ships in the night, however, during my short time at TBEX I missed Traveling Moms’ own Kim Orlando and I only connected with TravelingFinanceMom Jodi Grundig long enough for her to offer me her lunch pass on her way out the door. (Thanks, Jodi!)


I picked up great tips and was inspired by much of the conversation. Travel bloggers and those who aspire to beomce travel bloggers should keep an eye out for next year’s TBEX. I know I will.

(Yes, I know it’s been a months since the conference. However, I’m reassured to know that several of my friends are still getting caught up from their whirlwind adventures at BlogHer.)

Kim Moldofsky is currently caught in the Black Hole between summer camp and the start of school. She also blogs at Hormone-colored Days.