I’ve found myself in an odd position recently. I’m home. I haven’t traveled for business in a while, although I do have a few trips coming up.  My lack of business traveling has allowed me plenty of time to plan ahead for those trips I will be taking. I’ve downloaded a few new apps that’ll come in handy (my current favorites are Free Wi-Fi Finder for, you guessed it, finding free wi-fi and Gate Guru to easily find my way around the airport).

I’ve also rearranged my closet and sorted my work clothes to weed out the ones I know I won’t wear anymore and make room for some new purchases I’m hoping to make. I sorted through the liquids in my little zip-top bag to ensure that everything in there is as full and fresh as can be so it’s ready when I am. In addition, I vacuumed and cleaned my luggage by spraying the heck out of it with Lysol and leaving it in the sun to dry.

What do you do to prepare between trips?