bermuda1Bermudian food may be expensive and hard on the waistline, but hey, you’re on vacation, you’re supposed to blow caution to the wind, right? Besides, if you want the freshest and cheapest food on the island, eat local. Nearly 80% of the island’s food is shipped or flown in, mostly from the United States.

Bermuda is 22 square miles, not exactly a lot of space to grow food and raise livestock. But it’s an island, after all, and the fish is plenty. 

Okay, so they fry the fish and serve it to you with French fries (or should I say chips).  It’s very British, you know.  They are a British overseas territory.  They do other things that are British, like drive on the left side of the road and take tea in the afternoon. 

bermuda2But Bermudians have their own thing too.  They simply go nuts over codfish cakes, mashed with cooked potatoes, made into patties and pan-fried.  And let’s not forget rockfish, lobster, mussels and fish chowder seasoned with Black Seal Rum and sherry pepper sauce. 


Wash it all down with Bermuda’s national drink: Goslings Black Seal Rum mixed with Ginger Beer – otherwise known as The Swizzle.  

Finish off your Bermudian meal with a decadent rum cake that is famous around the world.  Your kids have to be at the legal drinking age to try a sample at the Rum Cake Factory.  They probably won’t like it anyways. Instead, most restaurants will have a dessert menu with things like coconut cream pie, bread-and-butter pudding or maybe some home made ice cream.