michael-jackson-is-madmanOn the JetBlue flight returning from Atlantis, I watched the Michael Jackson movie, This Is It, and it occurred to me that his story was the perfect ending to a weekend of Big-ness. Michael Jackson was pop music’s King Imaginator. He lived big, he performed big, he gave big, and he made big mistakes. He had a gift for getting big results from people who worked with him.

Lisa and Amanda, two lovely women who have both worked in the recreation industry for years, were the catalysts for Atlantis Kids Adventure. They knew that in order for Atlantis to attract families, they needed a kids’ club — but not just a room for crafts, but a kids’ club that reflects the largesse of Atlantis and the technology and impetuousness of today’s kids. The designer continued their vision and was given much latitude to create big ideas like a computerized soccer game on the floor where players “kick” a virtual ball and a cartoon that pops up in the mirror when the sink in the bathroom is activated.

I’m a big thinker, with big ideas. Sometimes that elicits comments like “Wow, that’s a big idea” and then a quick change of subject, or “Hmmm, cool idea,” then a blank stare. For that reason, I loved Atlantis. It is proof that big ideas do become reality.