carpe_diemNext year, next time, when the kids are older, when we have more money, too busy – you’ve heard it all before – in your own head – and more often than you would like probably.  Those are the rationales you tell yourself when you question why the HECK you didn’t take that dream family vacation, cruise, fishing trip, girl’s getaway.  But as @luxurytravelmom said to me today, what if this is as good as it gets?  Don’t we want to jump on THAT? 
I agreed but I didn’t really think THIS could possibly be as good as it gets – not YET.  Then a few hours later I got a call that my husband’s aunt and her 2 year old grandson drowned, at home in their teeny pond, in a freak accident.  Now I am rethinking what @luxurytravelmom said to me.

Why shouldn’t right now be as good as it gets?  Three healthy kids, a job I love, a house that we own and a husband who loves me and his kids.  We want more money, a nicer house, a car that has air conditioning that works and my son wants a dog.  But none of that need stop us from traveling and creating family memories.  Tiptoeing around budgets and schedules and individual preferences is taking us nowhere. We are so hesitant to stretch our budgets and our comfort zones that we don’t even get excited about the  plans we make.  They are too doable, too comfortable, too affordable. What I really want and what most family travelers want is to experience life with family and make memories that will outlive the house, the car and even the dog.

Spend a little more, do a little extra and enjoy a couple of surprises.  So no regrets if this is as good as it gets.