hudson8My dad LOVES cars, especially antique ones that transport you back in time, helping you envision family trips for those who took leisurely Sunday drives before life became so chaotic.  So, tonight, you can imagine my thrill when I happened upon a car show in my hometown.

It’s especially sweet because the only reason I was out and about was to try to give myself a break from the heartache I’m enduring in my childhood home, watching my father live out his last few days of life as his battle with cancer comes to an end.  My father is the definition of grit, and always has been.  So as I went out to escape his struggle and take my mind off things, you can imagine my surprise in running into a car show packed with vehicles, vehicles he would have named off one by one–and not just their make and model, but their year of manufacture.  It’s one of those skills I’ll never have like memorizing baseball stats, but is just one more thing that makes my dad so amazing, and one of the things I’ll miss when he’s gone.  But, seeing these cars today was like a sign from above that the memories of my dad will sometimes make me smile inside, not cry, and remind me that he is much like these antique cars–truly a rare model.