So this morning, I’m in my home office, working on Traveling Mom stuff and look out the front window to see my two dogs wandering around the yard. This is not supposed to be.I race down the stairs to get them back before they wander away and I have to chase them down the block in my robe and slippers. What do I find? The boy left the front door standing open, allowing the cold air to get in and the dogs to get out. And this boy is 15–one year away from getting an actual license to pilot a vehicle. What are we thinking as a society? I might add here that my son normally is a model of responsibility. But this just proves again that teens are a breed apart. Today’s forgetfulness comes on the heels of a local story about a 16-year-old jumping out of a moving car as part of teenager stunt and ending up in the hospital on life support. I’m running scared.