hawaiiWhat do you mean you want to visit colleges in Hawaii?

How many moms and dads have had to respond with shock, dismay, or maybe even temptation to their teen’s request to visit a college that is really far away from home? With over 2500 four-year colleges and universities in the US, the task of choosing which, or even how many, schools to visit can be overwhelming.

While visiting schools that are located far from home may be considered exciting or adventurous, it can be expensive, too, and, even though an on-site visit is preferable, it is not always practical. Fortunately, you don’t have begin by booking plane tickets.  Consider these options to start:



  • Watch Video/Virtual Tours on college web sites. This is an easy, convenient way to see pictures and scenes of campus. You’ll get an idea of what’s great about a particular school. It’s a good way to get OK. Not all schools will have a virtual tour – check the school’s admissions or visit page for information or use the site’s search function to find the link.

  • Attend a Virtual College Fair. Hosted by College Week Live, their virtual fair is complete with an exhibit hall, college representatives, presentations, and interactive chats with college reps. All you need is a computer and an Internet connection. Over 300 colleges and 50,000 students participate.

Close to Home

  • Attend a Live College Fair. Meet with hundreds of college reps at an event in your region. Great way to gain exposure to many schools at one time. College admissions representatives will be on hand to answer your questions at each school’s booth or table. 2010 and 2011 College Fair Schedule

  • Sign up for a High School Visit Day. College reps will come to your high school to meet with interested students. Check with your guidance or career counselor for a schedule of when and which college reps will be on your campus.

And, once you’ve narrowed down the choices as to where to apply, you can narrow the list of where to visit in person as well. This time of year, look for scheduled Open House programs. These are usually held on weekends with a structured agenda and are attended by many visitors at one time. Check the college web site for registration information and schedule. Open Houses are typically held on weekends in the Fall and Spring.

Of course, you can always visit college in person on weekdays or on weekends. Check the school’s web site for a campus tour and information session schedule.

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