All in the Family Travel with Big Granny and the Jet SkiTake a body of water, more family members than you can count, and an unsinkable jet ski and what do you get? 

A multi-generational fun-packed family travel reunion weekend!  

One of the things I love about the grandmothers I have known is a fearlessness they have shared.

The grannies in my husband’s family were no different.  They came in two sizes: big and little and were therefore known, respectfully, as “Big Granny,” the tall, thin matriarch of the family, and “Little Granny” who stood just under the 5ft mark. 

When Big Granny was in her 70’s, my husband’s family had a reunion in North Carolina. We all gathered a cabin facing a cove. Someone had brought up a jet ski and family members were lining up to take turns riding. Before we knew it, Big Granny decided to do something she had never done before — ride the jet ski!

I’m not sure she had all that long to ponder the wisdom of the idea. It seems that either a daughter, or son-in-law, suggested she hop on and, before you could blink, someone had strapped a life jacket on her and hands were reaching out to help her board the jet ski. Those not helping were standing around with our jaws hanging down to our flipflops marveling at her tenacity and courage. Secretly, I could not help but think that if Big Granny was not afraid to try this, then I should not be either!

Her spin around the cove was quick and uneventful, in other words, perfect. Big Granny made a big impression on all the kids at the reunion, including those of us who consider ourselves to be grown ups. For those who were still in college, and for those who had not yet begun their journey beyond high school, Big Granny showed us all that having the courage to try new things is an important in life, regardless of age and that’s an important lesson worth learning. What have you learned from your grandmothers? Use the comment form to share.