TravelingNewsMom Desiree Miller had the scoop two weeks ago on new airline charges to make it even more expensive for families to fly over the holidays. Turns out her report was just the beginning.

The airlines have added even more dates this year and next to the extra charge category:

Dates to Expect a Peak Travel Surchage

Nov. 29 and 30:  Weekend after Thanksgiving
Dec. 19:  Saturday before Christmas
Dec. 26 and 27:  Weekend after Christmas

And, in 2010:
Jan 2 and 3:  Weekend after New Year’s Day
March 14:  Sunday before many student spring breaks
March 20 and 21:  Weekend after many student spring breaks
March 28Palm Sunday, weekend before Easter
April 11: Monday of Easter, weekend after Easter
May 28:  Friday before Memorial Day