car_roadToday’s news on airline fees is not good: One carrier is set to charge $45 per CARRY-ON bag (you read that right) and another is considering charging for use of the bathroom.

First, the baggage fee. Low cost Spirit Airlines announced a new fee structure that includes a $45 fee for carrying on a bag that is biggr than a purse. laptop bag or diaper bag. Join the “$9 Fare Club” and carry on bags cost just $20.

Now, the carrier that wants to make us pay to pee. It’s Ryanair. The Irish cut-rate carrier is considering adding coin slots to the potty doors. Or it might be a way for the CEO to get some free publicity. Either way, it is a future that isn’t all that hard to imagine, is it?

To round out the bad news of the day, airfares overall are climbing. Bloomberg News says Delta, American and other U.S. carriers are charging 13 percent more for the peak summer season. The average round-trip fare jumped to $471 from $415 a year ago, according to The reasons: increased demand and higher fuel prices.

So I declare 2010 the summer for embracing road trips for your family vacation. Time to explore the wonders within a day’s drive of your home town. For me, that will mean trips to Milwaukee, St. Louis, northern Michigan and Door County, Wisconsin.