A bad tour group is the worst. Whiners, high-maintenance travelers, people who are chronically late (and make everyone wait) or badger the tour guide with inane questions … But a great tour group is outstanding. An instant close bond forms and everyone laughs and has fun together. Memories are made, and when the trip is over, everyone exchanges e-mails and promises to keep in touch. Do people really keep in touch? Is there an unwritten etiquette about this sort of thing? On my honeymoon, I spent an amazing week in the Canadian Rockies with a group from Austin-Lehman Adventures (and, may I say, they are THE BEST. Seriously.) The new Hubs and I were with an interesting, fun, life-loving group of people and became fast friends with many of them. Here’s the thing, though: after the trip, we e-mailed each other our favorite pictures, exchanged a few pleasantries, but ran out of things to talk about except where our next trip was going to be. (and, in our case, the only place we went for the next few years was the hospital labor & delivery room). The friendships faded away. My mom, on the other hand, knows people all over the world because she makes a point of keeping in touch with her favorite people (and guides) from various vacations. She’s still friends with a couple of 30-something girls she went with on an African safari 10 years ago. (They were even invited to my wedding). My mom and these girls have nothing in common except this shared trip, but they have maintained their tour-group friendship somehow. Has anyone developed a genuine friendship with someone who they met while on vacation?