WD.startMud anyone? That’s right; a few weeks ago I actually paid money to do a race where I spent the majority of three miles trekking through mud. No, I’m not crazy and apparently I’m not alone – adventure races (a combination of different obstacles, challenges and elements in one race) have become quite popular among men and women; and there were plenty of us ladies out there holding our own when I traveled two hours to Mountain City, Georgia, for the Warrior Dash.
My husband, Napoleon, talked me and my girlfriend, Yvette, into climbing over walls, ducking under barbed wire, wading through muddy water and we can’t forget jumping over fire with him. A few bumps and bruises later, I have to admit I had an amazing time. Napoleon did, too, and is all ready to sign us up again for next year. Being that this was my first one I’ve come up with a few tips to help get better prepared for traveling to the next one.

Warrior.Dash.Lo.and.Pole.000Bring EXTRA, extra clothes. Yes, I was smart enough to bring an extra set of clothes knowing I would get all muddy but what I didn’t count on was wanting to change twice. Immediately after the finish line I wanted to peel off my muddy shirt, but I wasn’t able to shower yet. I needed a transition set of clothing until I could make it to a hot bath.

Keep TOWELS, blankets and trash bags in the car. Whether you’ve rented a car or you’re driving your own make sure to have enough protection to keep it clean. One probably won’t do it. We had a blast doing the Warrior Dash, but we didn’t want remnants of it permanently all over our ride.

Travel with a FIRST AID KIT. I don’t want to scare you, ahem, but I did get some cuts, scraps and bruises doing the race. Trying to find a drug store or having to buy overpriced band-aids from a hotel is no fun.

Have a LAUNDRY plan. You especially need this if you are staying overnight in a hotel. Muddy clothes don’t travel well. Are you going to trash them or utilize the hotel’s facilities? Decide before you go and make sure to bring with you what you’ll need.

Until next time, I’m off and running …