Packing for Adventure travel requires a list a little different than your normal stuff. So I thought for those of you who have the adventure bug like me…this is a comprehensive packing list I’ve compiled for my trip to Antarctica. This was very similar to the list of items I’ve also taken to climb Kilimanjaro. Enjoy!Comprehensive Packing list and things to do before you go on a trip to Antarctica (or any other extreme cold weather destination)Prior to Adventure Trip:1- Call cell phone service and see if it will work in that country.(In the case of Antarctica, Sprint does not work in Ushuaia, Argentina, the end of the world port where we will meet our boat. Need a world phone with a sim card. The Blackberry 8830 has that.) 2- Find out about using a satellite phone from ship.3- Look up weather conditions in Argentina and Antarctica.4- Pay all bills that will come due while away.5- May arrangements for Cats (pets) to be fed and cleaned.6- Make arrangements for mail to be held at post office or brought inside during trip.7- Have a list of emergency numbers, flight numbers etc that you leave with a family member back home.8- Write “I love you” letter to family members who are staying home and leave it on their pillow so they can discover it after you leave.9- Change your answering machine message, and/or forward calls.10- Arrange how you get to the airport: taxi, car service, drives self or family or friend.11- Find out if you need a visa for that foreign country.12- Find out if you need “vaccinations” for that country.13- Fill out all paperwork for trip. Leave copy with family members.14- On adventure vacations, get international medical emergency coverage. I used for a one-time trip. Cost $96 for 10 days.15- Since I’m speaking, had to arrange CD’s, gifts etc. for speech.16- Make sure you have an ample supply of any medications needed.17- List of emails of friends so you can send them if bringing laptop or in as in this case, using the ships computer.18- List of addresses of anyone you are sending postcards too.19- Scripts for commercials for sponsors (If you have sponsors)20- Charge video cameras21- 1 Copy of each book (AA, Secret of Pub, Science getting rich)22- Reinforce boots with another layer of spray waterproofing23- Turn off heat in house24- Say I love you to everyone. PACKING FOR COLD WEATHER ADVENTURE TRIP:Clothing:• 1 shell pants• 1 fleece 200-300 weight top• 1 fleece 100 weight top• 2 thermal tops• Cotton tee for sleeping or workout suit that can do double duty• 2 thermal bottoms (I as backup)• Wind proof vest or jacket• 2 pair fleece gloves (1 as backup)• Outer water proof mitt (Glove with lanyard to secure to wrist)• 2 inner sock water wicking (keeps moisture away from body)• 2 outer sock explore style• Water proof lace up hiking boots• Sunglasses/glacier glasses – make sure they cover snug with your face and are good quality dark lenses (for snow blindness) and have a guard on the side so they protect your eyes all around. Can also use ski mask.• Inner sheet: Silk liner for sleeping bag.• Sleeping bag rated below zero.• Daypack: to store camera, lunch, extra jumper for day activity.• Swimsuit• Underwear, bra, socks• Personal cloths for camping.• Water bottleOther items:• Passport• Money/travelers checks• Balaclava (neck warmer)• Head torch with spare batteries for nighttime camping• Spare batteries unopened so they don’t’ take them from you at airport• Ski goggles if you don’t have glasses• Gaiters (optional but needed if you want to protect your boots from crampons for ice climbing)• Comfortable shoes or sneakers• Collapsible ski poles for hiking• Back pack – bigger.• Waterproof bag for gear. Also use garbage bags, and click lock to protect for film etc.• CD’s, DVD’s ipod, mp3• Personal medical kit (Band aids, throat lozenges, sunscreen,, one course of antibiotics, seasick tablets – sturgeon recommended.)• Converter for foreign country• Books to read on plane• Business cards & Brochures• Vitamins, airborne for prevention of sickness on plane• Tissues• Laptop if needed (to upload flips & write stories)• Phone and phone charger while in the states’• FlashlightWhile On trip:1- Take pictures and video’s2- Get rocks or gifts for (make list in advance)3- Do sponsorship commercial for each sponsor (Flip and video)4- Take pictures for each sponsor5- Do three talksHAVE FUN, BE SAFE, TAKE NOTES FOR BLOG!