COSTA-CONCORDIABecause I have been on a number of cruises and will be sailing with and Disney, in March, I have been following the Italian cruise ship disaster story avidly. But it will not make me stay home.

I also went on a hot air balloon ride last year and thought those were perfectly safe until the New Zealand crash.

Yes, these accidents were tragic. But they are well-publicized because they are so rare.  

Yes, they are terrifying, but there are usually precautions. This is why I actually pay attention to the flight attendants’ safety speeches. I’ve sailed with Disney and Royal Caribbean and the very first thing onboard is a mandatory lifeboat drill.


There are foolhardy risks (jumping out of a moving car) and everyday risks (a car can hit you when you are crossing the street).  I consider travel accidents to be in the everyday risk arena and will not be staying home.