hotelkitchenDo you prefer to have more than one room when you are on a family vacation?  Would you like to have a kitchen or pantry available to you in your hotel room?  If so, you may be considering staying in a vacation home rental or a suite hotel.  Both have their advantages and disadvantages.  Here are some of the reasons why I think you should stay in one or the other, and I’d love to hear your thoughts as well!

Suite Hotels

Suite hotels offer consistency – you almost always know what you are getting when you book.  You’ll also get some amenities such as WiFi, fitness centers, pools, and free breakfasts.  You also have the benefit on onsite staff – if something is wrong with the room, or you lose a key, you can get assistance immediately.  But, suite hotels are generally less spacious and a bit cookie-cutter. As more hotel companies get into the suite market, the amenities associated with a suite are increasing, so look for these to become even more appealing as time goes on. 

Vacation Home Rentals

If you are planning to stay in a popular tourist destination, you shouldn’t have a problem finding vacation homes in the area. Vacation homes are often very conveniently located, sometimes right on the beach or mountain that you are visiting, and can be pretty large, with multiple bedrooms.  But, there is some inconsistency with vacation home rentals – you really don’t know what you are renting until you see it in person.  Also, there can be hidden fees, like cleaning fees and deposits that take a while to be returned.  You also have limited protection if you lose your money – especially if you have to pay with a check.  But, they can be unique and fun, and feel a lot more like home!

So, which do you prefer?
Jodi Grundig, Finance Traveling Mom, regularly writes about her travels on Family Travel Magazine and Mom’s Favorite Stuff.