TravelingMom.comCarnivals are very common in this country and they are held mainly when a town celebrates the saint that gave it its name. This is the case of Guatemala City, how can it be there’s no saint called like that? Well the answer is that Guatemala’s City real name is “Guatemala de la Asuncion” and because of that the city hosts a carnival the 15th of August (Virgin Mari of the Assumption).

We visited one of these carnivals because we were told that it was so much fun and it was, but not for the conventional reason. What I found there was a bunch of Games stands, food stands, music, lots of people and ridiculously armed policemen. TravelingMom.comThe first thing we see when we get there are the massive amounts of people and that’s when all my problems started. Can you imagine yourself with a six year old boy running around? The weird thing is that all the stands are ordered in a way that makes the carnival look like there were a lot of mini streets.

But that wasn’t it; we were also told that there are a lot of games in these carnivals so we were all excited about it. Can we imagine my surprise when I first saw those games? There were a lot of games stand but they were basically the same: marbles, lottery, fishing little toys, roulette and the weirdest one was a shooting game where you had to aim to a star and if you shot it Duranguense music would start.

And this is only the start, so don’t miss next week’s article about traveling in Guatemala.

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