I love a good barbecue. The corn, the dogs, the burgers… all so simple, yet so good. And of course, the quintessential barbecue is the 4th of July barbecue. But for the last few years, our family has opted out of spending the 4th of July at home. Little by little, it has become our tradition to spend the weekend with my husband’s family on vacation, usually at an exotic location.

This year, even though it will be our last year in our New Jersey home, is no exception. So you won’t find me experimenting with new marinades for my ribs or showing off my new Tomato and Burrata Caprese salad to my friends and neighbors tomorrow.

Instead I’ll be having a true 4th of July break, not only from work, but also from cooking, and enjoying someone else’s barbecue feast.


Happy Independence Day Traveling Moms! May your corn be sweet and your hamburgers cooked to your liking.

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