playgroundWhat do KaBOOM, Traveling Mom and Cruise Buzz  from Cruise Holidays of Mission Viejo all have in common?  We all support kids and their families.
Yesterday I joined some mommy-blogger friends  in Inglewood, CA to help build a playground.  KaBOOM ( a non-profit from Washington DC) has built 1748 playgrounds since inception. KoolAid has partnered with KaBOOM to build 26 of those playgrounds.  At the completion of the day 225 people helped, 6 tons of cement was mixed, mulch from 2 tractor-trailers was spread. 1 playground was built in a day.

Working side-by-side with Kim Orlando, founder of Traveling Mom was a real treat.  We both share a passion for talking about how to help families travel. While we bolted parts of a climbing ladder together we discussed family travel tips.  We both agreed that travel is a real treat and that finding opportunities to help families find meaningful service based volun-tour type vacations is a good idea.

Voluntourism is a contemporary buzzword to describe trips in which tourists travel to work for a cause.  The concept of helping sustainability and volutourism is an emerging market that has a lot of supporters. The consumer base is building and opportunities will start to develop as more people embrace the idea.

Having opportunities to help communities are increasing.  Using a family vacation to assist with a cause is increasing in popularity. Let me know what you think about voluntourism and family travel. Have you ever?  Could you?  


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