Holidays are a wonderful time for starting family traditions. Recently, I happened to stumble upon an ad in the newspaper for a Living Nativity at a local church. I realized this was something I had never experienced before and thought it was the perfect chance to do something new with my family.

The experience was so much better than we imagined. When we arrived, they entertained everyone with a small musical concert and an adorable puppet show. Then we headed outside to witness the nativity scenes come to life through live actors and animals that helped explain the story of Christmas. We were stopped by Romans in the marketplace, visited by Angels in the sky, talked with a few Shepards, and listened to the traveling wise-men.

The Living Nativity that we went to was free of charge and provided everyone with a complimentary cup of hot chocolate and cookies. It’s a beautiful way to celebrate the season and a wonderful family tradition. And if your winters are cold like mine, make sure you dress warmly with a few extra layers!

Most Churches host a living nativity, you can check your newspaper for local listings.