spongebob_cruiseDo your kids love Harry Potter? Twlight? The Beatles?

And if they did, would you go on a trip with that character’s/band’s theme?
These fan trips are all the rage these days as the still-reeling travel industry pursues niche markets. Unique vacations are being created for fans of everything from Mickey Mouse to Jane Austen.

Note, I didn’t say tours. Entire vacations.

If you’d like to spend a week with SpongeBob SquarePants (because, we don’t see enough of him, do we?) you can spend a week on one of the Nickelodeon cruise ships. And Disney Vacations have many options ranging from Pirates to Princesses. Certainly, if you want to focus on, say, Cinderella, they’ll be happy to help you.

These “fan vacations” are offered in both organized and unorganized styles. There was recently a Barry Manilow fan vacation that had a variety of options, such as a spa.

In October, Fan Trips offered a 5-day Beatles vacation in England that included not just tours of famous Beatles sites and meals at famous restaurants, but also VIP passes to the invitation-only unveiling of the Peace Monument in Liverpool, which honors John Lennon. Pretty cool for a Beatles fan.

Now that they’re on iTunes, your kids might be listening to more Beatles music. And if everyone on the family is on-board, perhaps a future trip to Liverpool is in your future?

The best thing to do? Just Google the name of the person or character your family loves plus the word “tour,” “vacation” or “fan.” You might be surprised to find just how much is out there.