mykozy.jpgKudos to MyKozy for creating this infant car seat cover that does more than merely snazz up/protect a boring factory model carseat. The genius here is the attached blanket that allows you to shield your babe from the sun and also unwanted prying eyes, and pokey fingers. If you are a celebrity currently entertaining offers from the tabloids to publish junior’s first photo, I hope you already have one of these. Otherwise if you are a parent who has to pick up an older kid at preschool and you are sick of saying “don’t touch the baby’s face!” in as calm a tone as you can manage when a three year old habitual nosepicker lunges at your newborn, you need this. Even a trip to the supermarket rife with cheek pinching wanna-be grandmas seems safer when your baby is clearly off limits. And who knows, they may actually sleep for long enough for you to get through the refrigerated aisle. Take your pick of the prints on the MyKozy site.