healthy_eatingWhen you’re running late in the morning and don’t have a chance to eat before heading to the airport, the sweet, sweet smell of Cinnabon or Krispy Kreme donuts can draw you in and ruin any diet plan. I’ve been guilty of it myself and, while that first indulgence can be delicious, the after effects of feeling full of sugar and carbs can make it instantly regrettable. When you are traveling but trying to eat right, try these suggestions to keep your diet on track when you’re traveling.

1. Fill up with water. Drink plenty of water throughout the day to stay hydrated and help to feel full. Flavored water, such as from flavoring packets or a squeeze of lemon juice, can help it go down easer.

2. Soup it up. Order a bowl of soup prior to the main course – ideally a stock-based soup rather than a heavy, creamy one. A brothy soup can help to take the edge off your appetite and allow you to eat less.

3. Pack your own. When it’s possible, bring your own food. A turkey sandwich from home or a few whole grain crackers and peanut butter and a piece of fruit can serve as a healthier alternative to airplane food or take out. What’s more, you know exactly what went into it – and when it was prepared.

4. Try the three bites rule. If you can’t fathom foregoing dessert, try eating just a few bites. You’ll still get to taste it but without the regret afterwards.

5. Order smaller portions. Instead of an entree, order a pair of appetizers, or an appetizer and a dinner salad. It’ll most likely be just enough to fill you up, and will be easier on the budget as well.