travelcribMy husband and I are packing for our first-ever hotel stay with our baby and toddler. While we try to keep the luggage to a minimum – after all, it’s only a two-night trip – there are some essentials that we just can’t leave home without, especially when traveling by car so there’s a little more space for our luggage.

Here’s our “must” list when packing for a hotel stay with the kids:

  • Night lights. Both kids rely on night lights at home, so why not have them at the hotel? That way, if the kids wake up in the middle of the night, they might take some comfort in being able to see where they are – even if it is an unfamiliar place. What’s more, they help light the way when my husband or I have to make a late-night bathroom run.
  • Duct tape. Often a staple in many people’s cars, duct tape can also come in handy while traveling or in hotel rooms, especially for childproofing. Loose radiator cover? Duct tape. Exposed outlets? Tape ’em up. Wardrobe malfunction? Well, maybe duct tape isn’t the best choice for that.
  • Pillows, or at least favorite loveys. I like to bring my own pillow when traveling by car. Not only is it more comfortable to sleep on, but it also works nicely for in-the-car naps. Naturally, I like for my kids to have their pillows with them as well. When that’s not feasible, a favorite toy or lovey is essential – a teddy bear for my daughter and a funky monkey for my son.
  • Snacks. Just like any other trip with the kids, snacks are a necessity.
  • A new toy. We like to set aside a new toy every now and then for each of the kids, to present to them on a long car trip or as a reward for good behavior after a trip. Even something small like a few Legos can make a big difference in our toddler’s temperament during a car ride and, frankly, a happy kid means happy parents.

What are your must-haves when traveling with little ones?