fireworksI remember growing up in California with my father who loved the 4th of July and always bought the best of the best fireworks he could legally and sometimes illegally buy. Lighting a tree, trashcan and many other things on fire over the years.

I’m not sure at what point this went from fun to scary for me.  Possibly as I got a little older, wiser, maybe a little traumatized and after seeing news stories each year on the 5th of July about children and people hurt or killed by fireworks.  

Now with a family of my own, I no longer plan for vacations on the 4th and I feel safe just staying home.  We live out near water and from the second story of our home we can see all the large fireworks being let off on the beaches.  My children are still young and don’t expect anything more than the view over the trees. I hope as they get older this will be good enough for them.  I am comforted in knowing we are all home while others play with fire like pyrotechs in their own backyards. 


Fireworks can be used safely, although they are very unpredictable.  If you plan to use them please follow these few safety tips:

1. Keep a bucket of water on hand
2. Only allow adults to light them, no matter how “simple” the firework
3. Keep a safe distance from the fireworks. I’ve seen many of the ones that spray upwards, tip over and shoot into crowds and trees
4. Do not attempt to light more than one at a time
5. Remember that even the most “safe” fireworks are LIVE fire. My aunt as a child lit her shirt on fire with a “sparkler” and she had severe 3rd degree burns to her upper arm. 

If you are a fireworks finatic, remember you can see the some of the best fireworks by professionals while on vacation.  I’ve seen the most dazzling displays at Disneyland, Disney World and other theme parks across the nation!