saving moneyEveryone is always looking for ways to save money on travel, especially in this economy.  Here are three fairly easy ways to save money on traveling to some great destinations.

Using Hotwire & Priceline to Save Money on Traveling

These two sites often offer some fabulous discounts, but you do have to accept some uncertainty and risk.  Until you make a purchase, you won’t know the hotel name with either Hotwire and Priceline.  In addition, with Priceline, you are only guaranteed a room that will fit two (but you can purchase more than one room at a time), so it may not be the best room for a family of two.  However, the deals you get on Hotwire and Priceline can be amazing – I recently got a hotel room in New Hampshire on Pricelinefor $70 that was being offered for $160 on Kayak.


Ebates is a free, highly popular site that can be used to get cash back while shopping online.  Simply set up a free profile, and shop through Ebates when making your purchases online.  Ebates offers some great cash-back deals on travel too – some discounts include 6.5% back for Holiday Inn, 2% back on Hotwire (a double deal, since Hotwire already represents a great discount!), $1.50 back on JetBlue, and 3% back on Southwest Airline Vacations.   Every three months, you’ll get your accumulated money back (assuming you meet a minimum threshold).  Here’s a link to Ebates to get started.

Flash Sales

Flash travel sales are becoming a big deal, and if you catch just the right one, you can save a lot of money.  You can find flash sales a variety of ways – through flash sites like, Groupon, and Gilt Group, through emails directly from providers, and through websites.  Here’s an example of a flash sale – you generally have just a short amount of time (like 24 hours) to make your purchase.

Do you have any recommendations for getting deals on family travel?

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