My travel budget for 2009 is pitiful. Let’s just say, a $100/night hotel room would be a luxurious splurge. So as I struggled to come up with some cheap-o travel plans, I had a recession-induced lightbulb moment: I would mooch off my family and friends this year. I started thinking about all the people around the country who have said, “You should come visit!” And I’d say, “That’d be great!” But then the trips never happen. I know you traveling moms have those friends, too. Perhaps this is the year to take them up on their offers. In my case, these people are in (or right outside) places like Kansas City, Boston, Princeton, Phildelphia and Des Moines. Not exactly destinations you’d plan a vacation to, but places where fun and culture can be found. And where an extra bed and couch is available at no charge. Free breakfast, Internet and cable television is very likely included. Of course, the key to visiting these friends and relatives is to not stay more than 2 or 3 nights. That’s the maximum I’d want any of my haven’t-seen-in-a-while friends or relatives to stick around. (To quote my Grandma Adelaide, “Where you’re wanted, you go once in a while.”) I’m also going to come prepared with a plan, so my guests aren’t required (and don’t feel obligated) to entertain and feed my brood. There’ll be at least one full day with an outing we’ll do on our own.   What do you think, traveling moms? Travel, reconnect with old friends, and save a bundle on hotel expenses? A win-win? Or am I not seeing the potential pitfalls?