travel-bags-luggage HELP! I’m going to Canada by myself with my 2 little girls! I’m a self-proclaimed SUPERMOM, I pat myself in the back, for my ability to multitask and get things done, but my secret weapon has always been GRANDMA.

Now you may ask where am I going with this? My best freind is getting married in Canada! I’m the maid of of honor, my 2 year old daughter is a flower girl and my freind made me swear to bring my 1 year old too since she haven’t met her.

Now when I picture this trip in my head I just want to scream aaaaaahhhhhhh! It would be my first time traveling by air with both my 2 year and my 1 year old. I do have a double stroller I can strap them in and wheel them around the airport, but I’m thinking about luggage, car seats, distraction for them… head is spinning.

I check some available flights I still haven’t seen any straight flight to Montreal from Palm Beach. I found one flight with a 5 HOURS layover. I’m so NOT booking that one. Can you imagine? I would be running around this place like a chicken with her head cut off. I could keep them strap in the stroller for 5 hours… They would probably be crying so loud airport security would escort me out. Well I have to go find my travelingmom cape and super power potion that’s going to get me though this trip.
you got any better advice? well do tell!