DisneyteensMy image of Disney is evolving.  In general the mention of Disney would evoke visions of tired parents and squealing little kids.

As my kids enter the teen years I am learning that there is still so much for them to enjoy at Disney — from resort pools to scary rides to embracing the independence of park hopping without parents.

Visiting Disney with my parents is a whole other experience. They are not rushing from ride to ride; instead, they slow down to enjoy the intricately sculpted topiaries, the characters, and the shows. They appreciate the diverse ages that not only attend the parks but who work at Disney. It makes them feel more comfortable.

It’s one of the things I like best about visiting Disney — seeing the happy retired seniors who work there. There is something about seeing the silver haired welcoming committee upon arrival that is comforting. Many of them work there by choice, keeping busy and engaged and their smiling faces reflect that.  This group gives a whole new face to retirement. They add to the happy that is pervasive at the Disney Parks.  Some of these seniors are volunteers who appreciate the benefits that come with being at Disney and many work part time.


Disneyteens2I was at Walt Disney World with my mom and her husband, both active seniors who still work, and they were commenting on how much fun it would be to work or volunteer at Disney as well – maybe when they retire.