GoodNCrazy family at Disney before they grew up

Carissa’s family at Disney before they all grew up!

Let’s say you  planned FAR in advance, for your whole family to take one last trip to Walt Disney World.

You know, because the oldest child is about to graduate and all, and every vacation and holiday feels like your LAST hurrah as the family you’ve known for the past 18 years…

Plus planning travel around teenagers is a bit like trying to nail down a fly with a spitball. Their schedules are WAY crazier than the grown-ups! You have to act fast and stick to the date once chosen.


DestinationReviewAnd Then… Chaos Happens.

You find out, prom got rescheduled. PROM!
‘I can’t possibly miss PROM, mom!’

Or the track team did much better than anticipated and SURPRISE! Your kid is heading to the State Tournament the exact date of your family getaway, already scheduled no less than 180 days in advance.

Kill Me. What Do You Do?

How about this one? We recently found out that High School Seniors should in fact KEEP TAKING the standardized tests such as the ACT or SAT even AFTER they have gotten accepted into their college of choice. What? Why?

Yeah… crazy right? Apparently, at least in our state *(maybe yours too?) there are several levels of State offered scholarships. We were very happy to find out our daughter would be eligible to receive the middle level scholarship and several thousand dollars’ worth of financial aid. Hooray!! Here are several other financial IQ tips for kids about to enter College. Including: use Popmoney to split roommate costs, do your research on student loans and… surprise, actually attend classes!

But Wait……

If she were to increase her ACT score by exactly 3 points… THREE TINY POINTS. It would mean she would automatically qualify for a few thousand more dollars from the State PER YEAR PEOPLE! As long as she takes the test before she becomes a College Freshman. Well, dang! Let’s do it! When is the next ACT test?

Yup. You guessed it. The next and last test is DURING our SCHEDULED Walt Disney World weekend. The last chance we’ll have as a family of five before the kids are grown ups and bring boyfriends or later spouses and then grandkids… and whoa.. I have to stop now! But you see where I’m going??

I’m Gonna Let You in on a Little Secret.

disneys coronado springs pool and resort

Image courtesy WDW Coronado Springs website

There are more than 20 high schools within driving distance of Walt Disney World in and near Orlando and Kissimee, Florida. There’s a high school RIGHT on Disney World property even, who knew?! And you’re allowed to schedule your kid to take the ACT or SAT test at pretty much any high school where there is still space.

We’re still going to WDW. This GoodNCrazy family won’t be stopped by a little Saturday morning test. Nope. We’ll plan to enjoy the Disney Resort Pool and fun until she gets back from her testing. (And pray for those 3 extra points while we splash and play!)

What’s the craziest thing you’ve had to work around for your kids school and other requirements yet STILL arrived at your pre-planned vacation no matter what?


*(Check to see if your State has similar scholarships and additional testing could be benefitial well into the students’ Senior year.)