What Can Adults Do at Walt Disney World?

The beach area between The Boardwalk Resort and Disney Yacht Club. Photo Credit Becky Davenport

Luxurious rooms, comfortable chairs, tasty cocktails, authentic meals, and bit of relaxation. This is not a trip to the spa, but it could be. This is Walt Disney World. If you’re wondering, What can adults do at Disney World? The answer is: plenty.

When I told my friends I was going to Disney World without my kids, the look on their faces was priceless – there very well could have been drool running down their chin from the shock of the news. Really who does go to Disney World without their kids? As it turns out, lots of people – DestinationReviewand I just happened to be one of them.

This was my very first trip to Disney World – yes, at the age of 31 I had never seen Disney World – so that was part of the reason I went without my kids.  Disney World seemed a little overwhelming for this small town Midwestern girl. The other part was, I just wanted to get away without the kids.


Luxury for Adults at Disney

In my head I pictured Disney World as full of obnoxious – I mean, kid-friendly – colors, bright lights, cartoon characters, and loud noises. I was wrong, or at least I was not surrounded by those things.

When I first stepped off the shuttle bus to The Boardwalk Resort by Disney, I glanced back at the driver to make sure he had dropped me off at the right place.  A stunning building surrounded by gorgeous landscaping, and no Mickey Mouse. I know I mumbled under my breath “Are you sure we are at Disney World?”

Inside Disney’s Boardwalk Resort, the only glimpse of bright colors was a few balloons to welcome younger guests – the younger guests I did not have with me.

Guest services sped me through my check in, assuring me that I would find my room very relaxing after my long day of travel.

Finding Mickey Mouse

Strolling down the luxurious hallway towards my room, still in shock that they called this place Disney World, I caught my first glimpse of Mickey Mouse. There he was on my magic band door key – hmmm, I knew that mouse was around.

What Can Adults Do at Walt Disney World?

Using my Disney Magic Band Photo Credit Becky Davenport

I entered the room and as any good mom on vacation without her kids I hurry across the room to flop myself across the bed, roll onto my side and Mickey was there again.  Mickey Mouse made out of soft plush towels and placed on the corner of my bed. Sigh – this really is a Magical Kingdom.

Obviously Disney does it right for kids or without kids, here is a list things that adults can do without kids at Disney World.

What Can Adults Do at Disney World? Here are 11 Things to Do in Disney World Without Kids

  1. Take a ride on a Surrey Bike around The Boardwalk – as strolled down The Boardwalk I saw these cute little cars/bikes peddling their way around the boardwalk.  Of course in the background I could hear parents urging their kids to peddle, so I decided this would be the perfect thing to do without kids – that means there would be no nagging.

    What Can Adults Do at Walt Disney World?

    Surrey Bike on The Boardwalk Photo Credit Becky Davenport

  2. Take a backstage look at the Safari in Animal Kingdom. This is a three-hour look at how Disney Cast Members tend to the 1,500-plus animals at Disney’s Animal Kingdom park.
  3. Sing and dance to dueling pianos at Jellyrolls – Dueling pianos. No kids, and you have the perfect mom’s night out.
  4. Scuba dive at Disney. Get up close and personal with the fish at The Seas with Nemo & Friends Pavilion.
  5. Dance the night away at the Atlantic Dance Hall. This hoppin’ nightclub plays songs from the ‘80s and ‘90s – my kids don’t even know what the ’90s is, let alone the ’80s – so of course this would be on my kid-free agenda.
  6. Authentic Dining. Dine with the Disney Characters? I’ll pass, I do that every time I sit down at my dinner table. Disney’s Epcot offers authentic restaurants from all over the world, including a candlelight dinner package. To my surprise, this is really an authentic meal, prepared by natives of the country.
  7. Take it Downtown – Downtown Disney that is. Enjoy loads of shopping, the world’s largest Disney Store, Pleasure Island, and Downtown Disney Marketplace.
  8. Get up close and personal with the animals at Animal Kingdom –  Take a privately guided expedition that offers up close encounters with exotic African wildlife in their native habitat.  This is a 3-hour excursion and tickets are sold separately from the park ticket.
  9. Catch a show that does not have cartoon characters in it. When was the last time you sat down and really enjoyed a musical or anything besides cartoons? Disney World offers a whole selection of adult shows that will make you feel like an adult again.
  10. Find the magic of the show. Even I from my hotel balcony. I got a small chill as I watched the beautiful fireworks light up over Disney World. I thought about how romantic this would be if I had someone with me.
  11. Taste, Shop, or Indulge in another Culture. Want to go to France, Morocco, or Norway?  You can at Disney’s World Showcase at Epcot Theme Park.