Fast Facts: The Expedition Everest Ride in Walt Disney World’s Animal Kingdom opened in 2006. It was the first Disney ride to run both forwards and backwards. The ride is themed around a Yeti (or Abominable Snowman) hiding in Mount Everest, destroying the tracks and wreaking havoc on the riders. The ride is built around a 200 foot artificial mountain which is the tallest of all the 20 ‘mountain’ themed rides in any Disney Park around the world.

And the pranking begins… is this a baby ride? Is it scary?

Our GoodNCrazy family lives near Charlotte, NC with a rollercoaster park literally in our backyard. Carowinds is a great mid-sized amusement park with both a water park as well as over 13 amazing rollercoasters. It’s heavy on the thrill, light on the ‘theme’, all about that coaster baby! Plus the Fury325 just opened in 2015 and the coaster world is shouting about it because it’s currently the world’s tallest, fastest and longest GIGA coaster. (It does not go upside down.)


As you can imagine our family has been all things GIANT rollercoasters for months now waiting for the Fury325 to open! So in the opening few seconds of the video above I’m asking my son who is an 11 year old rollercoaster expert if it’s a Giga Coaster… because he knows I know it is not.


Disney is HEAVY on the ‘theme’, light on the HUGE thrills, all about that Mouse baby!

But what I don’t know is…

WHAT to expect on Expedition Everest?

Is it a baby ride? Is it scary? They won’t answer me? They keep telling me it’s nothing. I’ll be fine. And later they all act so surprised when the coaster comes to a complete halt and the tracks are seemingly destroyed by…. WHAT??

Up to this point the coaster IS a baby ride. It slowly hikes up to a fairly high point only to barely release and slide down a gentle slope and a couple mild curves just before it stops at the ripped up tracks.

At the point you are confused and wondering how long you’ll have to sit there… WHOOSH! It hits you… you are now being carried backwards at an alarming speed. And everything is compounded by the fact you are in a different tunnel and completely in the DARK.

Once again you come to a halt and a video installation of the Himalayan mythological Yeti beast roars into action and swings down towards the riders in the coaster cars as you begin moving forward again.

The final twist of the ride is where the Thrills come closer to much bigger coasters. First flying down the highest part of the track (when you leave the dark is where the ride photograph is taken if you want to be ready for your photo op) and the fastest portion of the ride. Winding around a few more curves and declines before you come to a slow down and return to the beginning of the ride.

The whole ride lasts just under 3 minutes.
And yes you are going to want to schedule your Fast Passes in advance!

Have you ridden Expedition Everest? Were you surprised?!


Video taken with the Panasonic POV A500 video camera.