With the recent sign additions in Walt Disney World that state “No Selfie Sticks” near popular Magic Kingdom rides, there is a sigh of relief from all of us that have been nearly impaled or hit in the head on a ride during our visit to “The Most Magical Place on Earth” recently, compliments of a rogue selfie stick. It seems as though the Disney parks are moving towards safety rather than good-looking self portraits, and I (and my eyes and face and head) couldn’t be happier.

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Credit: Karyn Locke/Road Trip Traveling Mom

Clarification: I’m all for taking fun photos (check my Instagram page if you want proof) but there is a proper time and place for the ever-popular selfie stick. Hey, they’re an easy way to take a photo of not just your face and they show off the beautiful backdrop of wherever you are – and there have been a couple of occasions where I wished I could get the beauty of where I was standing in the pic and not just my face.

With Disney’s official announcement that they will be banning selfie sticks on rides only, the park is more than happy to continue to permit all of the selfies you can handle with a selfie stick while in the rest of the parks. Selfie sticks may still be taken on the rides but must be stored in a bag or ride compartment. And Disney isn’t just talking the talk, they’re walking the walk and have stopped the ride Big Thunder Mountain Railroad several times due to guests pulling out their selfie stick to capture their smiles and screams on the popular ride.

Have no fear, Disneyland lovers! The signs have been seen in the California park as well near the entrances to Big Thunder Mountain and Space Mountain.


This response comes right on the heels of popular music festivals like Lollapalooza and Coachella initiating bans on the popular photography aids for the sake of safety and comfort of the guests. Although, keeping the ban in check with enormous crowd levels may be a little difficult.

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What do you think of the news that Walt Disney World bans the selfie stick? Worthwhile or a waste of time?