Not everyone is a fan of the mouse. I know, I know! Hard to believe. What is even more outrageous is that only a year ago, I was rolling my eyes and shaking my head in disbelief (and confusion at all the Disney lingo being tossed around) as my girlfriends talked about planning their respective Disney vacations. But I learned. You should bring your kids to Disney, even if you’re a hater and you think you won’t like it. Here’s why.

Why You Should Visit Disney With AND Without Kids

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You know what happened as soon as I succumbed to the Disney fever? Everyone around me was discovering the magic of Disney too! My Facebook feed suddenly lit up with Disney posts of folks I thought would certainly have been my anti-Disney bandwagon brethren. Some of the most outdoorsy, zen, hippies that are usually unaffected by consumerism on the whole actually harbor a pretty healthy Disney fetish. Crazy. It just took me a little longer to fall under the spell I guess – late bloomer! No one was more surprised than me about how excited I was to plan our Disney vacation. I didn’t really embrace the Disney magic when I vacationed there as a child. I’m full of mediocre theme park memories from that trip, laced with pit stains and lots of lines. That was almost two decades ago. Why should anyone get excited about visiting WDW with OR without kids when you could skip Epcot and see the REAL countries of the world for a comparable price most likely? Read on, fellow skeptic, read on.

Why You Really Should Experience Disney With Kids

  1. You get to eat Dole Whip.
  2. Even if you’re not into theme parks, this is like visiting another country. It’s a culture and a World all its own.
  3. Everyone (even especially princesses) have to be nice to you because you’re a guest of the mouse.
  4. No one will be judging your ensemble of sweaty Crocs, a sweet foam visor, brightly colored matching t-shirts, fanny pack, and slightly frazzled overall aura.
  5. Consider it a challenge. You can plan ANY trip, right?. Planning every detail to the letter is like reaching the summit of Everest.
  6. If you have “spirited” children, Disney is the most understanding environment to unleash them.
  7. Professional photographers are everywhere so that your kids will know that mom was actually present during your vacation.
  8. You’ll probably make your Fitbit melt down with the number of steps in one day. Work it, baby!

Why You Really Should Experience Disney Without Kids

  1. You get to eat Dole Whip with rum.
  2. Epcot. Plain and simple – if you want to eat your way around the world and see it all, leave the littles with Grandma.
  3. You can actually take in the shows and sights without bouncing a child, worrying about losing a child, or sweating while carrying a child.Why You Should Visit Disney With AND Without Kids
  4. It’s actually pretty romantic and fun!
  5. Disney after dark.
  6. Table service and fancy dining without mortifying meltdowns.
  7. Actually get to see and do all you have ever wanted with Parkhoppers. Time to achieve personal records!
  8. Have a beer with the Beast at Be Our Guest.
  9. You likely will not be spending your day waiting for the Dumbo ride.
  10. Find out you were surprised how fantasmic Disney can be for adults!

Still need convincing? We have some expert quick-tips from our expert TravelingMoms to give you the nudge you need! There are some things you just cannot do well with your kids in tow. That’s okay. You’re just going to need TWO Disney vacations this year. It can be turned into an eye-opening experience if you open up your mind and let the campy charisma that is the magic of the kingdom wash over you. Put those ears on and wear them proudly, with or without kids.

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