So you spent months planning the perfect summer Disney Parks vacation, flying or driving for hours to get there – only to be greeted by a rainy day. No need to be too disappointed. In central Florida, storms are part of the daily weather pattern during the summer months. Since even a little rainy weather can put a crimp in your vacation style, use these tips to plan ahead.

Tips for visiting Disney World Parks when it rains

Photo credit: Margalit Sturm Francus / Autism TravelingMom

Pack clothing that dries quickly.

The best clothes for a rainy day in the parks in the summertime are those made of thin synthetic or cotton blend fabrics that dry quickly. This way, you and your family – especially kids – won’t feel uncomfortable walking around in wet clothes.

Waterproofing is key.

Head to your nearest hardware store and purchase a spray to waterproof everyone’s shoes and bags, including fanny packs and backpacks. You might want to avoid taking suede or leather purses, since those can get ruined in the rain. Check ahead of time that the dye on bags you plan to take won’t bleed onto your clothes when wet.

Ponchos are a necessity.

Those knee-length ponchos can protect you from the rainy weather, as well as from sitting on wet seats on the rides. Buy an inexpensive one before you arrive in the parks and bring it with you. You will pay many times the price if you have to buy one with a Mickey picture in a park store. If that happens, at least you can bring it home as a souvenir.


Tips for visiting Disney World Parks when it rains

Photo credit: Margalit Sturm Francus / Autism TravelingMom

Bring Crocs or flip flops.

Heavy rain can ruin leather shoes and make Disney Parks walkways slippery. Bring a pair of Crocs or flip flops to wear. Flip flops aren’t really recommended for riding roller coasters since they can fall easily off, so my family and I carry ours in our back packs and change into them when needed.

Protect your electronics.

Protecting your cameras, phones and tablets from the rain should be high on your priority list. You can buy custom water proof covers for most electronics. For a cheaper solution, bring a couple of small Ziploc bags to put your devices in while it rains. (Check out 7 other ways Ziploc bags make great travel hacks.)

Plan your day wisely.

It usually rains in the afternoons in Orlando, so book indoor attractions for the afternoons. Book FastPasses so you can ride outdoor rides either early in the morning or late in the day.

Rent the right equipment.

Tips for visiting Disney World Parks when it rains

Photo credit: Margalit Sturm Francus / Autism TravelingMom

Need to rent a stroller for your child or motorized scooter for a family member? You should know that there are several options; the best choices are the ones that come with a built-in overhead cover that can protect from the rain.

Bring these necessities.

  • Band-Aids and Neosporin cream in case of minor falls and scrapes. (There are first aid stations at Disney World in case you run out of Band-Aids.)
  • A mini flashlight to see puddles in the dark. Or download a flashlight app to your smartphone.
  • A thin, packable towel to dry hair, especially if your kids have long hair.
  • A travel-sized hair dryer that can easily be plugged in and used in most park restrooms in case your kid has sensory issues.

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Have you visited Disney Parks in the rain – what were your experiences? Leave a comment below.

Disney World on Rainy Day