To pack or not to pack? That is the question. Having a stroller can make navigating through Walt Disney World easier, especially as your child gets tired or cranky. Here are some tips and options to consider for strollers at Disney. You can bring your own, rent one at the park, use an outside rental service or buy a cheap umbrella stroller once you arrive. Read on for prices, tips and more.

Tips for Strollers at Disney World

Stroller Parking at Disney World

Stroller Parking at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Credit: Tara Settembre / VIP TravelingMom

For parents of little ones, having strollers at Disney isn’t a luxury. It’s a necessity. Strollers can make navigating through the Disney parks easier, especially as your child gets tired or cranky. For us, it made our “time to go” command a lot easier when my twin boys still wanted to stay and play. When packing before the trip, though, we went back and forth on whether to bring or rent a stroller there and what kind of stroller to use.

You have four options, really: bring your own, rent one at the park, use an outside rental service or buy a cheap umbrella stroller once you arrive. Below are some tips, links and options to consider when it comes to strollers at Walt Disney World.

Bringing Your Own Stroller to Disney World

Strollers at Walt Disney World

Our double umbrella stroller was easy for theme park use Credit: Tara Settembre / VIP TravelingMom

Bringing your own stroller is the most affordable option and can provide your child with a familiar napping place (ours never nap in their stroller though) as well as comfort.

If you’re flying to Orlando or Anaheim, you’ll want to bring a stroller that is also allowed to be gate checked, so you should start by checking your airline’s restrictions first. As the mom of twins, I can tell you that not all double strollers meet the height and weight limits.


Although you might be tempted to bring a more durable jogging stroller for smooth sailing on the rougher terrain areas of the Disney parks, do remember you’ll have to fold and carry your stroller when going on and off the transportation to local area hotels and possibly when at your hotel too.

For this reason, the thought of folding and carrying our double BOB while also corralling our twin toddler boys seemed more trouble than it was worth. Instead, we opted for our more flimsy, but easy double JEEP umbrella stroller. It wasn’t as smooth to push around, but it’s definitely lighter and less of a hassle.

On the hotel buses, there isn’t a place to store your stroller either, except between seats if the area is free. You’ll still need to keep a hand on it to ensure it doesn’t fall and hit someone, so again it was nice having a lighter stroller option here. If you’re taking Disney’s Magical Express to and from the airport, you can stow your stroller underneath with your luggage, making that ride an easy one.

Renting a Stroller At Disney World

Single stroller for rent at Walt Disney World Credit: Tara Settembre / VIP TravelingMom

Single stroller for rent at Walt Disney World Credit: Tara Settembre / VIP TravelingMom

Strollers are available to rent at various locations throughout the Disney parks and the Downtown Disney area. Single strollers are $15 a day, but double strollers are $31 a day. Fortunately, they offer a few dollars off the daily charge if you plan on renting a stroller for multiple days. These hard plastic strollers aren’t really fashionable or comfortable, but they do come with an awning from the hot sun.

In addition to stroller rental locations across Walt Disney World Resort, several private companies in the local area also offer stroller rentals. These services also offer the convenience of hotel deliveries and more options when it comes to the type of stroller models available including brand names.

Add Personal Flair

There is ample designated stroller parking areas near almost every attraction in the Disney parks. There are even areas where cast members will rearrange the parked strollers as people leave and new ones get dropped off. While I wasn’t worried about anyone taking my stroller, we did put a luggage tag on ours so no one would mistake it as their own. I noticed that other parents put colored ribbons on the handle bars as well, much like people do with checked luggage. This is especially important to do if you are renting a stroller from the park, since all of those strollers do look alike. They do give you a nameplate with your family name written on it, but adding a ribbon or other personal flair will still make it easier to spot from a distance. I also clipped a Bath and Body Shop travel bottle of hand sanitizer on our stroller for my family to use after going on the rides and before snacking again.

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Editor’s note: This is an updated version of a post originally written by Tara Settembre.