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Photo Courtesy of Dana Zucker, Triathlon Traveling Mom

When many people think of Disney, they think of Funnel Cake, Mickey Ice Cream, large refillable soda cups, and giant lollipops.  Well, things have changed – and for the good. On my recent visit to Walt Disney World, I decided to only eat at the park’s quick service stands and buffet restaurants, and all had to be healthy options. I was pleasantly surprised to find it quite easy to stay fit and eat healthy while at Disney World.

Parents, you are the most important factor when teaching children about making healthy choices, so lead by example.  It is not about just saying no, but making the healthy offering.

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Walt Disney World

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Photo Courtesy of Dana Zucker, Triathlon Traveling Mom


Gaston’s Tavern in Fantasyland is the perfect place for everyone!  It is what I consider the perfect quick counter food for all tastes.  Paleo folks can find a perfectly cooked roasted pork shank and carrot and celery sticks; just skip the ranch dressing.  Vegetarians can enjoy hummus with chips and add the veggies, plus a fruit cup.


Season’s is a great place for quick service at Epcot with so many choices.  My favorite offering at Season’s is a self-service section for folks that are gluten free and/or have food allergies.  Having the packaging out allows for families to read ingredients for themselves. The other feature I truly appreciate as a healthy eating fanatic, is that Season’s kids choices are packaged for kids; colorful and easy to grab.

Animal Kingdom


Photo Courtesy of Dana Zucker, Triathlon Traveling Mom

The chefs at Animal Kingdom are working so hard at offering healthy and allergy-free quick service options for everyone.  I had the opportunity to meet with both a chef and the manager at Garden Grill at the Animal Kingdom to hear all about what was happening.  The Harambe Fruit Stand was amazing!  Located right outside one of the most import at attractions, the safari ride, everyone passes by and I hope grabs a healthy light bite.

Buffets are also quick options at Disney when you don’t have time for a full service meal, but you need to also be smart about your choices.  Once you have your plate, think colors. Fill your plate with veggies, fruit, and a clean protein.  Stay away from fried, cream covered, and white/tan foods.  But, make sure you pick a dessert that makes you happy.  Disney does buffets right for the kids. Season’s children’s buffets are at their height and full of colors and options.  It was so nice seeing a buffet full of veggies and options that were not fried chicken nuggets and buttered pasta, and even more exciting see children making the healthy choices. Way to go parents for leading by example!

Eating Healthy and Staying Fit at Disney

Eating healthy, if you are at home or at Disney, is your choice. Disney makes it easy by offering well-rounded and diverse options,  but it is your responsibility to lead by example and provide healthy options to teach your children.


Photo Courtesy of Sherry Wernicke, Triathlon Traveling Mom

If you are looking for other ways to stay fit while at Disney, put on a pair of Philips Active Fit earbuds and hit the running trails. I recently did just that during my visit, but when I got home, my husband loved them so much, I now have to get another pair!  Another great Philips product I don’t leave home without is the Ultra Slim Multiple Outlet.  It keeps me connected to the world!