disneybabycenterpic2Since becoming a mom I’ve found my adventurous travel spirit morphed a bit by the task of caring for tinys. Where I once lived for the excitement of impromptu roadtrips, I now dread the words “I need to go wee” coming from the backseat of our minvan.All-night parties in Vegas have been replaced by cruising the streets of strange towns at 2 am in search of a gas station that sells diapers. And any tropical vacation relaxation can come to a screeching halt if the “perfect storm” of tantrums hits.

So when my family was graciously invited to spend the day at Disneyland, courtesy of their awesome PR staff, the Disney-loving girl in me jumped at the chance but the mom in me started making a list of “what ifs” and contigency plans for my potty-training 3 yr. old and her still-in-diapers younger brother. The necessities for enjoying a day in Disneyland with a baby and a toddler were extensive and a bit exhausting. Little did I know that Disney had it all taken care of…

This charming little building, tucked away to one side of Main Street near the the top (just on your right if you’re standing by the statue of Walt Disney, facing the entrance) is an absolute oasis for TravelingWithTinys Moms! Every parent of little ones should make themselves familiar with the services offered at the Disneyland Baby Center because, as usual, Disney has thought of everything! I took Gabby and Merrick with me for a tour and they immediately made themselves at home in the play center, coloring pictures at the children’s tables, relaxing in the pint-sized rocking chairs and taking in a quick Mickey cartoon. The staff was friendly and helpful, guiding me past a sweet little sitting room towards rows of highchairs and changing tables.


To one side is a “feeding area” where moms can nurse comfortably in private, curtained-off rooms. They even goes the extra mile and provides outlets in these stalls as well as storage for milk expression (in case baby is not in tow). And should you have forgotten anything, and I do mean anything, the Disneyland Baby Center undoubtedly has it on hand to purchase.


As I’m checking out the well-stocked baby supplies they offer, little Gabby tugs on my shirt and says, in her sweetest voice, those 5 fun-filled words – “I need to go wee”. Thankfully, we’ve come to the right spot! Tucked back behind changing tables and cloth-diaper washing stations is a miniature potty my preschooler declares with pleasure to be “Gabby-sized”.


Our time at the Disneyland Baby Center was the perfect respite from the hot Cali sun. My Tinys and I leave feeling refreshed, relieved, and ready for more Disney magic!