thebeverlyOn our last family vacation – to Disney World, as part of the TMOM retreat – one thing became very apparent. When it comes to snack choices, there’s no accounting for taste.

Like many people, I think the best treat in Walt Disney World is the Dole Whip. This creamy, pineapple-y soft serve is sweet, citrusy, and reminds me of all I love about Florida. Add to that the fact that it’s pretty exclusive. Dole whips can only be bought in Aloha Isle in the Magic Kingdom (in Adventureland) or at Captain Cook’s at the Polynesian Resort (although a special version, spiked with spiced rum, was offered at the Epcot Flower and Garden Center, which was going on while we were there). The fact that this treat is exclusive makes it just that much more desirable.

But my husband’s choice of special treat is even more exclusive. Though he enjoys Dole Whip as much as anyone, he has a special fondness for a different drink, one that can only be found at Club Cool in Epcot. Scott has a penchant for the Beverly.

What’s a Beverly? I posed that question to a friendly cast member who was working the fountain at Club Cool.

Club Cool is a gem in Future World. Located by Innovations, the club, hosted by Coca-Cola, offers unlimited free samples of sodas from around the world. It’s a great place to take a break, relax for a bit and try a drink or two. Libby favored Krest Ginger Ale, from Mozambique, while Bryan preferred Thailand’s Lychee Mello, a very sweet fruit soda. My choice was the watermelon soda from China.

And Scott downed several small cups of the Beverly, a very bitter non-alcoholic aperitif from Italy. The cast member told us that one favorite practical joke of Club visitors is to convince a newbie that the Beverly is the absolutely best drink ever – then getting a picture of the grimace worn by most who unsuspectingly taste the drink.

My family was in Epcot as guests of Walt Disney World, hosts of the recent retreat. The Beverly – and all the other international sodas at Club Cool – were free of charge. Opinions both sane (mine) and unexplainable (my husband’s) are our own.