Chevy TT galleryMy kids can be wimps about rides at Disney. But I love the lights and magic, the feeling that you’re defying gravity when really, it’s an optical illusion not a stomach-popping drop.

That’s why I love Space Mountain; as much as we giggle on The Gold Rush and Goofy’s Barnstormer (which I’ve been told is the fastest roller coaster at Disney), the illusion of whirling around in space is priceless.

However, I have a new love: The Chevy Test Track at Epcot.

In fact, this ride starts out awesome: as you wait your turn you’re wowed with a new concept car and a video, then you stop at a kiosk where you design your own concept car, putting elements like power and efficiency into balance. Then you hop into the ride’s car and, well, see it all here. I don’t want to spoil it for you.


After the ride you can check out all the current Chevrolet models, which are on display in a huge showroom. There are a vintage model or two, and green screens where you can  be photographed with the test car you designed. Then, you can put your test car onto its own video track and race it against other riders.

Hair snarlin funHair snarlin’ fun at the Chevy Test Track; the Chevrolet gallery of cars at the end of the ride (top photo)When you visit the Chevy Test Track at Disney’s Epcot theme park, be sure to plan enough time to see the cars on display after the ride, especially if you are traveling with young boys or boys who just still think they’re kids. They’ll want to stay all day (and yet, Soarin’ calls; this might be our other favorite ride!).

Disclosure: We were Disney’s guest during our visit to Orlando.