Whether you are a Star Wars fan young or old, Disney Parks has a vast selection of unique and custom Star Wars merchandise available to add to your collection of memorabilia that goes well beyond your standard trinket-style keychain or coffee mug souvenir. Whether you want incredible comic-con accessories or custom artwork, Walt Disney World has many options to feed the soul of even the most robust Star Wars fan.


Star Wars Merchandise at Disney Parks

Gallery at Star Wars Launch Bay, from Jana Seitzer, Geek TMOM

While a Walt Disney World vacation is certainly about the experience and the fun while at the parks, it’s always fun to bring home souvenirs to remember your trip. As huge Star Wars fans, our family loves seeing all of the Star Wars merchandise available. With the addition of the Star Wars Launch Bay and the recent Episode 7 Star Wars the Force Awakens release, the Star Wars merchandise offered at the parks is now greater than ever. Here are some of the hottest Star Wars merchandise choices available in the parks right now.


Build Your Own Lightsaber

Choose the path of the Light Side or the Dark Side, Jedi or Sith. Build a lightsaber to remember your day at Hollywood Studios. Maybe you want a souvenir to remember your Jedi Training: Trials of the temple experience after facing Darth Vader and the Seventh Sister Inquisitor or you just want a really cool lightsaber, you can build your own in any combination you like.

Artist Creations at Star Wars Launch Bay

Guests at Disney’s Hollywood Studios can view and purchase artwork from the gallery in the Star Wars Launch Bay. If you happen to stop by the gallery in on a day that an artist is working and you buy that artist’s work, he or she can even come sign a personalized message to you and tell you about their creation.

Star Wars Merchandise at Disney Parks

D-Tech on Demand at Star Wars Launch Bay, from Jana Seitzer, Geek TMOM

D-Tech on Demand

The D-tech station located through the parks and Disney Springs let you customize accessories for all your tech gadgets (phone cases, Magic Bands, tablet covers, and more). The one in the shop at the Star Wars Launch Bay is all for customizing your phone cases and MagicBands with Star Wars-licensed fun. There are a number of pre-fab designs you can choose from or customize your own design. Within a short period of time (usually while you wait, but it could be a bit longer depending on how busy they when you place your order) your design will be ready for you like magic!

Clothing and accessories: Her Universe and more

Are you the kind of Star Wars fan that like to show your fandom by wearing your style? Kids and adults alike can get their fill of Comic Con-style and other Star Wars-themed clothing items at various shops throughout the park (the best selection is at Hollywood Studios, of course).

Star Wars Merchandise at Disney Parks

Build-Your-Own Droid, from Jana Seitzer, Geek TMOM

Build a Droid

Do you LOVE R2-D2? You can build your own droid to being home. Maybe you want a little R2-D2 replica with a set of Mickey Ears or maybe you want something completely different. Select the colors and accessories to adorn your own personal droid. Whether you want your droid to have a Sorcerer’s Hat or Mickey Ears your droid can be just the way you want.

Star Wars Merchandise at Disney Parks

High-end collectibles sampling at Star Wars Launch Bay, from Jana Seitzer, Geek TMOM

High-End Collectible Star Wars Merchandise

Need a new lightsaber lamp? How about a light-up lightsaber umbrella? Imperial AT-AT Walker bookends? Star Wars logo bookends? A gorgeous high-end replica lightsaber? How about a Stormtrooper helmet replica? Or a Star Wars figurine? You can choose the Dark Side or the Light Side and a variety of fantastic high-end collectibles or memorabilia to adorn your home or office.

Star Wars Dooney & Bourke Collaboration Handbags

The Disney-Dooney & Bourke collaboration is one of my personal favorites merchandise options at any of the Disney Parks. As a handbag lover, I enjoy nothing more than a nice, couture handbag collab, and the Star Wars The Force Awakens collaboration with Dooney & Bourke is perfection. The color palettes and design of this particular collaboration is incredible. I bought mine the day it came out. You can buy it in the parks or order it online at DisneyStore.com.

Star Wars Merchandise at Disney Parks