It’s hard to miss this upscale, two-story, retro-styled bowling alley and restaurant on the west side of Disney Springs. The few times my family and I have been to Disney Springs, we thought we couldn’t eat at Splitsville Luxury Lanes unless we planned to bowl too. Wrong. We also thought they’d have just pizza and nachos. Wrong. Not only do they have amazing food but, you can eat, or bowl, or both. You can also enjoy the live entertainment, five bars, outside patio and balcony with incredible views and shoot some pool.

Rock N Roll Out Splitsville Luxury Lanes Disney Springs

Photo credit: Tami Mittan, Outdoorsy TravelingMom

Roll N Rock Out at Splitsville Luxury Lanes Disney Springs

Now that my family lives in Florida and no longer needs to fly standby here from Colorado, we are looking forward to having more leisurely days to spend doing Disney. Splitsville Luxury Lanes Disney Springs Orlando is just one of the places I’m excited about spending more time with my family!

Splitsville at Disney Springs is a fun way to spend some quality time away from the parks making memories with the ones you love. Definitely bring your camera along to record those memories as you’re sure to have lots of laughs playing one of America’s most beloved and popular sports of all time with family. I recommend the Panasonic Lumix ZS60. It starts recording your photo for two seconds before and two seconds after you push the shutter button so you’ll catch your family member at just the right moment as he bowls his first strike. Or, capture his reaction afterward with the perfect expression.

Rock N Roll Out Splitsville Luxury Lanes Disney Springs

Photo credit: Tami MIttan, Outdoorsy TravelingMom

Splitsville Menu

It may be a bowling alley, but Splitsville has much more than typical alley fare. Yes, there are pizza and burgers, but there are also more upscale options such as Mahi Mahi with VooDoo shrimp, steak Alfredo and fresh-rolled sushi available at two sushi bars. I’m not a sushi person, but according to my friends it was delicious.


If you’re a fan of burgers, Splitsville’s are some of the best I’ve tasted. There are some pretty interesting options including the “Foghorn Burger,” which comes with pepper jack cheese, fried jalapeños, Sriracha lime sauce and topped with a fried egg. Or, if you’re really hungry, try the “The Mad King.” It’s “the biggest burger in the land! A 21 oz, triple decker burger with double cheese, bacon and topped with onion rings. Served with lettuce, tomato, pickle and onion.”

Healthy Options

Healthy choices include salads, tacos and rice bowls as well as sushi for those who partake. Splitsville is particularly proud of their gluten-free options including gluten-free pizza and a gluten-free cupcake on the dessert menu.


The dessert menu includes Ghiradelli Brownie A La Mode and the chef’s featured layer cake which promises to be “a mountainous portion with layers so high you might need a ladder!” for $8. You can also order Coca-Cola Freestyle – 100+ flavors and free refills all day – or an Icee in a souvenir pin cup which looks like a bowling pin with a straw.


Appetizers range from $11 – 18; entrées from $19 – 25; entrée salads $15 – 16; tacos and bowls $14 – 20; pizza $14 – 18; sushi $11 – 18; $14 – $17 or the Mad King for $20; desserts $6 – 8 and the kids meals (age 9 and under) $7 – 8 and does not include drink.

Late Night Menu

Desserts and pizza only available from midnight to last call.

Rock N Roll Out Splitsville Luxury Lanes Disney Springs

Photo credit: Tami Mittan, Outdoorsy TravelingMom

Splitsville Bowling

Now that you know you don’t have to bowl to enjoy the nostalgic atmosphere of this 50,000+ square foot entertainment and dining space, you may decide you want to after you’re there. Or, maybe that’s why you’re going in the first place. Here’s what you need to know.

How it Works

With 30 lanes on two different levels, most days of the week you can walk right in and get on a lane with no wait. You can then choose to order food if you like as each alley has tables and booth seating for your party. However, if you go on a Friday or Saturday night, there may be a wait list for a lane – as expected. You have two options while waiting:

  1. You can choose to dine at Splitsville (inside or out) while you wait, and even take your food with you to your alley.
  2. You can take a pager and explore more of Disney Springs while you wait. The pager’s signal will extend the full area of Disney Springs.

Bowling Prices and Details

It’s clear this isn’t your Dad’s bowling alley, and pricing reflects that. Rather than one sprawling wall of lanes, Splitsville has separated its’ lanes into clusters for a more intimate feel with your party. I love that concept.

Rock N Roll Out Splitsville Luxury Lanes Disney Springs

Photo credit: Tami Mittan, Outdoorsy TravelingMom


Your bowling time window is based on your party size.

1-2 people: 1 hour

3-4 people: 1 hour 15 minutes

5-6 people: 1 hour 30 minutes

7-8 people: 1 hour 45 minutes

Walk-in Pricing

Pricing breaks down as follows and includes shoe rental.


Daytime bowling (10am – 4pm): $15 person

Nightime bowling (4pm – close): $20 person


10am – close: $20 person

Priority Bowling

For those who don’t mess around, you can pay more to be sure you get the next available lane upon check-in, subject to any other Priority Bowling or lane reservations. Priority Bowling and Lane Reservations require 24-hour notice so be sure to call ahead. How much more you pay depends on the size of your party and the time of day.

Groups of 8 or Less:

Daytime bowling (10am – 4pm): $25 person

Nightime bowling (4pm – close): $30 person

Groups of 9 or More:

Daytime bowling (10am – 4pm): $100 person

Nightime bowling (4pm – close): $150 person

Early Bird Bowling

Want to save a little money? Go early! From opening at 10 to 12:30 p.m. kids 9 & under are $8 and adults are $12, excluding holidays and certain blackout dates.

Photo credit: Leslie Harvey, Frequent Flyer TravelingMom

Photo credit: Leslie Harvey, Frequent Flyer TravelingMom

Walk to Splitsville from Your Hotel

There are many hotel options around Disney Springs. I recently got to check out the newly-re-modeled Wyndham Lake Buena Vista Resort which is right over the footbridge from Disney Springs on the East side. There are many advantages of staying at the Wyndham over other off-property resorts. Among them are that it is a Disney-partnered hotel and offers character breakfast, a Disney store and Disney details everywhere. You can also walk over the footbridge from your hotel to the Disney Springs busses, which run regularly to Disney resorts and the parks. Prices start at $79 for the Garden rooms and $109 for the Tower rooms, which have views of Disney Springs.