Photo Credit: Deb S./Technology Travelingmom

Photo Credit: Deb S./Technology Travelingmom

The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train at Walt Disney World is a family thrill ride. Children at least 38 inches tall ride. As for persons with disabilities, there are some considerations to riding.

Persons Who Use Wheelchairs

To ride the Mine Train you must be able to transfer out of your wheelchair. As for people who use mobility scooters, like me, there is an area to park your device. CaTMOM disclosure graphicst members are aware that you may need more time to get into the Train car and allow you that.

Health Warnings of the Mine Train

The signs outside the attraction with “warnings” of who should not ride usually list people with medical conditions such as high blood pressure, neck injuries, etc. The only physical consideration for the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train is for expectant mothers.

As someone who has fibromyalgia, arthritis and chronic pain, I have to make a serious decision about riding any type of roller coaster or thrill ride. I watched as the Mine Train hit the tracks a number of times and asked others about how they felt during and after the ride. Then I chose to ride.

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

Photo Credit: Connie Roberts/Disabled TravelingMom

A Smooth Mine Train Ride

From my one time on the Mine Train I found it to be a smooth ride, with no bumping around or sliding inside the car. Part of the reason, I believe, is the lap bar that holds you safely in the car. Because it fits snugly you do not move around or slide around inside the car.

The movement on the track contains short drops, twists and turns. It is slightly intensive. The Mine Train uses a new technology that enables the ride’s cars to sway and swing which adds to the excitement. This is something to deliberate before you get on the Seven Dwarfs ride especially if you have any type of joint pain, back or neck injury, etc.

Excitement Galore

If you choose to take a ride on the Mine Train, you will be in for an adventure. Besides the thrill ride there is a character/entertainment section of this attraction. Cue: Heigh Ho and sing along. Each of the Dwarfs and Snow White make an appearance. The scenery of the Snow White movie surrounds you as well. Take some time to look around to see New FantasyLand and parts of the Magic Kingdom. You can use either FastPass+ or if you meet the requirements, the Disney Accessible Card to lower your wait time.

Go ahead and act like a kid again – laugh loudly, scream in delight and forget your pain and illness for a while.