T-Rex fun at Downtown Disney. Credit: The Deal Mommy

T-Rex fun at Downtown Disney. Credit: Dia Adams, Travel Hack TravelingMom

Disney World has amazing dining options, but it’s not easy to find them cheap. Like Disney Character Warehouse for souvenirs, I’ve found a way to save on the un-save-able: Landry’s Select.

Landry’s Select is a secret Disney World dining discount program I use on every trip to Disney World.

Landry’s is at heart a restaurant company, owning Morton’s, McCormick and Shmick’s, and Bubba Gump, among others. However, the company also owns Rainforest Cafe, T-Rex Cafe, and Yak and Yeti…including the locations inside Disney World. T-Rex and Rainforest are both in Downtown Disney, Yak and Yeti and another Rainforest Cafe are at Animal Kingdom.


Here’s how it works: Pay $25 up front and get an immediate $25 credit at one of the restaurants (so it’s basically free) and a $25 credit on every $250 you spend, even on gift cards (no-double dip, unfortunately). I heard about this program in Las Vegas last year at the MGM Rainforest Cafe and immediately realized it was a no-brainer.

AffiliateLandry’s Select: a Profit Maker

But Landry’s Select is more than a no-brainer, it’s a profit maker! First, you get a $25 credit on your birthday for doing absolutely nothing more than being born. You can use the credit during your birthday month at any Landry’s location. Then, you also get a 10% discount on retail at the company’s shops. I even used the membership last year in Las Vegas to get a free upgrade at the Golden Nugget hotel (with the shark tank pool) by reserving through the member’s number.

The Secret Disney WorldDiscount Dining ProgramSure, saving money is great, but how’s the food?  It’s actually good! Yak and Yeti is an a class by itself as it’s inside Animal Kingdom gates and definitely worth a visit on your day there. The Rainforest Cafe and T-Rex locations are publicly accessible. The food at both is identical and portions are HUGE.  If I had to choose one, I’d recommend T-Rex. My kids (8 and 11) were more engaged with the theme. It’s also more “boy” friendly than Rainforest (not that Rainforest screams “girl,” it’s just more flower-y). However, If my kids were under 4 or noise/light sensitive, I’d probably stick to Rainforest Cafe.

Another thing to consider when choosing is how you might get back to either location: currently T-Rex is only in Downtown Disney and Kansas City while Rainforest has many more locations.

So if you’re planning a trip to the World, be sure to sign up for the Landry’s Select program…and I’ll see you in the sand pit!

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