Relaxation Tips for Coronado Springs Resort at Walt Disney World

Photo Credit: Amy Barseghian / Orange County TravelingMom

Walt Disney World is a widely popular travel destination for people of all ages including those traveling without children.  It’s always so fun to meet people at Disney Parks that are sans children; it seems they each have a “Disney” story or memory that brings them back to the parks without children.  If you find yourself traveling to Coronado Springs Resort without children, you are surrounded with opportunities to relax and take in the beauty and Disney magic during your stay.

Take a Walk around the Lake

Lago Dorado is situated beautifully at the center of Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort with four main lodging locations spaced equidistant around the lake.  It takes about five to ten minutes to get from one to the other; taking a walk of any distance around the lake offers you the chance to take in the serenity of the surroundings with just enough magic.

Private Dining

SpaRitual at Coronado Springs Resort

Photo Credit: Amy Barseghian / Orange County TravelingMom


Sometimes the simplest things are the most relaxing.   After a day of travel from the west coast to Walt Disney World’s Coronado Springs Resort, I arrived at the resort around 10pm.  I found my way to the room and had about 15 minutes left to find food.   There is a Private Dining Menu in your room that is perfect for times like this – where just a little less rushing will make a complete difference in your day.

A glass of Cabernet and slice of pizza served as the perfect way to put my feet up.

Casa de Belleza Beauty Salon

One may not think of salon when they think of Disney World, but what better way to revive tired feet than with a massage and pedicure? The salon is tucked inside the La Vida Health Club which is on property so centrally located for the entire resort.

Seeing that the salon uses vegan SpaRitual polishes and products is a major plus for me.  It’s my favorite line and stays on forever.

Coronado Springs Resort Fitness

Photo Credit: Amy Barseghian / Orange County TravelingMom


La Vida Health Club

Exercise can be very relaxing and rejuvenating, especially when I am traveling for longer than three days.  While I may abandon my fitness routine for a three day trip, I feel so much better if I maintain my workout routine on longer trips.  La Vida Health Club at Coronado Springs Resort is larger than most fitness centers at hotels offering dozens of machines and pieces of equipment.  The treadmills face a different direction than the other machines providing a more comfortable sense of privacy and you can watch television while you work out.  Free weights, weight machines, and a sauna complete the health club allowing everyone the chance to rejuvenate in a way that works for them.

Take an Afternoon Swim or Nap

Coronado Springs Resort Nap or Afternoon Swim

Photo Credit: Amy Barseghian / Orange County TravelingMom

Coronado Springs Resort is an easy ten minute bus ride from Epcot and Disney Parks.  If you are traveling without children, you can easily take a mid-day break and come back to the resort for a mid afternoon swim or nap and head back to the park later for evening shows and entertainment.  Simply catch the bus at the park and you will be dropped off near your room.

Relax at the Laguna

Coronado Springs Resort has some nice restaurants on property that allow you to enjoy a mix of fare while staying there.  The Laguna Bar is located outside of the main El Centro building you check in at.  If you are traveling without children, this spot is always hopping!